About Whaledreamers Yoga


Inspired by dolphins and whales strength and fluidity and their ability to keep moving, whaledreamers yoga is for anyone with a body who wants to have a good laugh, stay supple and strong.

Yoga is about integrating body, mind and spirit and does not involve any religious dogma. It is about wellness and being healthy, and your body mind is the barometer of where you are at.



Yoga is for everybody regardless of how flexible you are. For young and old Whaledreamers Yoga has something to offer.
Classes are fun and dynamic and include asanas (stretching poses), meditation, pranayama (breathing), relaxation, song and dance and open discussions about physiology and health. Drawing from traditional knowledge of yogic styles, Whaledreamers Yoga is a contemporary expression of how to maintain a healthy body and mind.



Emphasis is particularly based on keeping muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments well mobilised. Its like an exercise class with added emphasis on breathing, sounding, meditation, relaxation and happiness.

Please bring loose comfortable clothing, a mat and an open mind to classes.


We will launch classes later in the year.

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