Woodford Folk Festival 2014

whaia noelRespect and honour to the Jinibara people and Uncle Noel for welcoming us to country.Thanks to the ancestors.

Woodford WD day 4

Huge thanks to Woodford Folk Festival for an incredible event of culture, song, dance, ceremony and fun.

Woodford WD day 2Bunna Lawrie and the Whaledreamers played 6 gigs including the NYE event at Amphitheatre where we had the honour of doing ceremony with Uncle Noel with Bunna doing ceremony of his grandfathers to the 4 directions for the 1st time.

In collaboration with Kaela Rowan and her band Shooglenifty we all went into the 3 mins silence together. Powerful and profound!!

Woodford crowdHuge thanks from the Whaledreamers band to Bunna Lawrie for leading us at this amazing event.


arps 3fingers
In gratitude Dr Didge Dolphin.


2 thoughts on “Woodford Folk Festival 2014”

  1. Dearest Bunna,

    Thank you for being! We need you especially now. I understand what YOU and your tribe have experienced, I’m halfbreed Cherokee…

    I too experienced a close, STRONG connection to dolphins in particular…all cetaceans need us to stop Japan from murdering for greed. They violate International Court Rulings under the guise of “research” in marine sanctuaries.

    Together we can survive the acts of greedy politicians and companies bent on the destruction of our Mother

    Sending encouragement and love to you from your “cousin” in Alaska.

    EVERYTHING is connected…


    I have a special gratitude rock to send for you to place in your Peace Circle. Please email me how to send it?

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