Bunna Lawrie and the Whaledreamers – Live 2015

Recorded live on new years day at Woodford Folk Festival 2015 this music is inspiring and passionate.  Bunna Lawrie and the Whaledreamers greet the new year with an alive celebration of their best songs of the festival. Uplifting, funky, moving and full of flavour this is great music to get you moving and groovin. Long live whales and dolphins.

Soothing Whalesong from Dr Didge Dolphin – listen and relax!

Dedicated to the majestic humpback whales for sharing their presence and song. This was our 10th year interacting with them on their annual migration. Each year our connection and appreciation of these sentient beings grows stronger and deeper. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to share with whales and nature in this very intimate way. Every year their song is different and we offer you this one-hour snippet from this year’s journey. Rich in harmonics, whale song can take you to the depths of the ocean. Whale song is ideally listened to with headphones or in a quite place. Allow their song to wash over and through you. We encourage you to dream, sound, tone, sigh, release with them and receive their vibrations.

In gratitude for life