World Fusion

Music – World Fusion

Music for Animals

This music is inspired by nature and our connection to this earth and all living creatures. Dr Didge Dolphin and Juergen Taruna have combined their talents to mix domestic and wild animal sounds, with didgeridoo grooves, rhythmic percussion, dynamic guitar and multiple instruments to produce a funky, family friendly, grooving album of world music. In gratitude to the traditional aboriginal way of imitating and embodying animals with dance and song at corroboree. The painting on the front cover of this cd is by Gayili Marika

In Tune with Earth

This is a first collaboration of musical genius Juergen Taruna (Stargate Studios) and Dr Didge Dolphin (Whaledreamers, Coloured Stone, Sharpana). This is a dynamic world fusion album led by strong didgeridoo influence in a conscious attempt to create music in harmonic resonance with the earth. The tuning of this music is inspired by the Swiss mathematician and musicologist, Hans Cousto in his book, ‘The Cosmic Octave’.

Honouring Earth

Honouring Earth was birthed from the success of their first collaboration “In Tune With Earth”, Dr Didge Dolphin (Whaledreamers, Coloured Stone, Sharpana) and Juergen Taruna (Stargate Studios). This is a dynamic world didgeridoo fusion album with influences from India, Africa and Australia. This album spans genres of tribal, funk, reggae, ska, new age and contemporary. Strong didgeridoo rhythms, solid percussion, dynamic melodies and moods, make this music great listening.


Double Rainbow Didge Yoga

Born from the inspiration to play a full octave of didgeridoos in different tempos and rhythms the double rainbow is an epic journey covering flat and sharp keys from A-A. Mixed with percussion, bass, saxophone, sitar, flute and vocals on a bed track of didgeridoo subsonics in delta and theta frequencies this is a world fusion didge feast. We invite you to use this music for your own yoga practice. Allow yourself to feel the rhythms, connect with your breath, your own sound and movement or silent meditation and healing.


Animal Medicine Music

This album honours the unique songs and spirits of Australian birds and animals. By augmenting the rhythms and melodies of their songs with drums, didgeridoos and melodic instruments we created Animal Medicine Music. Our intention is to bring more respect and awareness to these fellow creatures.