Whalesong Experiential 2016



This was our 12th year interacting with them on their annual migration.  Each year our connection and appreciation of these sentient beings grows stronger and deeper. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to share with whales and nature in this very intimate way.

Every year their song is different and we offer you this one-hour snippet from this year’s journey [Link coming soon]. This year we have noticed some very interesting wup wup sounds in recordings.



We also had an amazing experience when four humpbacks and two dolphins surrounded our boat for an hour whilst we were drifting and one whale on two occasions did a 360 degree roll, surface and blow whale spray from its blow hole and we heard the word didgeridoo in the whale spray – totally amazing !!!

This year Whaledreamers Yoga was born. A new form of flowing, sounding, breathing, movement based yoga intended for health and well being and having fun.

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