Super Slider

Super Slider


The SUPER SLIDER is like 12 didgeridoos in one pack!

Now you can play in most every key and even slide notes on the go.

Plays from Low A to high G.

Versatile and accurate

Available from

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The SS comes in 4 pieces; the main didge body, bell and the 2 slider pieces making it easy to tune.
All packed into a professional quality padded travel bag with adjustable strap and zip pocket.
Super Slider Pieces

* The main body on its own plays in the Key of G
* Main body and bell attached plays in the Key of E
* Main body and small slider plays from D to G
* Main body and long slider plays from A# to D#
* Main body, bell and small slider plays from B to E
* Main body, bell and long slider plays from A to D#

Well crafted in resin / Carbon fibre with real wood mouthpieces the Super Slider packs into a professional travel bag. The Super Slider frees didge players to experience different keys without having to change instruments. It is lightweight and portable (2.5kg – including bag) travel friendly and suitable for most playing situations. Strong and durable. It’s sound is full, resonant and has great back pressure making it easy to play toots in all keys. The sliding components have been made to slide then hold position so if you want a more ‘active’ slide effect then you will need to rub some vaseline in the slider pipes.

AVAILABLE IN 3 COLOURS – BLACK, RED OR BLUE. Colours may vary from pictures.