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Inspired by a live recording of a Sacred Sound Journey at the Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali with Dr Didge Dolphin (didgeridoo, drums, sticks and flute), ShamanaTara on vocals and Shervin Boloorian on sacred instruments, accompanied by majestic humpback whale song. We made this music as an offering to Shiva/Shakti to God/Goddess our Father/Mother God. It arose from our love and is our humble offering to God and each other. We believe this music balances the masculine and feminine in all.

Harmonic Whale Down Under

This album blends east coast Australian whalesong 2010 with 12 different keyed didgeridoos, vocal harmonies and digeridoo subsonics. I invite you deep into the realms of whalesong/didgeridoo conciousness. Ideal for use in meditation, session work, energy clearing, yoga, general healing or just easy listening. A special thank you to the majestic humpback whales for sharing their presence and song. In gratitude, Dr Didge Dolphin.

Harmonic Healing

This sacred sound experience will promote and accelerate healing of the mind and soul. Recorded with 12 tuned didges from low A to high G. It has been made with an intent to heal.

didge_healingComing to Bandcamp soon…

Didge Healing

Didge Healing is an exploration through 12 different keyed didgeridoos, A-G# and their corresponding subsonics. Relax, breathe and enjoy the ride. Dr Didge Dolphin.