Whalesong Experiential 2017


Come join Dr Didge Dolphin, Shamana Tara and crew for a week sailing with whales and dolphins at beautiful Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

This will be our 13th year immersing ourselves in humpback whalesong and oceanic vibes. A week of fun, music, ceremony and celebration on board 2 large catamarans leaving from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.


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Time: Saturday 7th – 9th Sept 2016

Location: Fraser Island Australia

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Previous Events

Whalesong Experiential 2015


Join us for our 11th year annual Whalesong experiential in beautiful Harvey Bay-Fraser Island Queensland Australia.

Two big catamarans for 1 week jammin with mothers and baby humpback whales.This trip is for those wanting full immersion into whalesong dreaming. Spaces very limited $1800 adults $1200 kids all inclusive.


Time: Saturday 5th – 12th Sept 2015

Location: Fraser Island Australia

Didge Yoga Camp


Join Dr Didge, Shamana Tara and Raj O’Brien for 4 days of experiential didgeridoo magic. .

Didge camp is an opportunity to take your yidaki knowledge and skills to the next level where you’ll experience lots of laughter, breathing, stretching, fun and music. (It’s open to all levels and sexes).


Time: 24-27th April 2015

Location: Ubud, Bali

Life is a journey and so is didgeridoo.

Inspired by Yolngu spirit man Ganbulapula and blessed by Djalu Gurruwiwi, Senior Law man and custodian of the didgeridoo in North East ArnhemLand Australia, you’ll get onboard with your own kundalini breath pump and ride along advanced pranayama tracks and ceremony with us in Bali.

Fresh from India, young didge master Raj, shares his journey with the new carbon fibre slideTravel Doo.

Gratitude to the Balinese people for welcoming us to their country and sharing their culture, land and hearts. We co-create and evolve together.

In gratitude for this life, Dr Didge Dolphin and ShamanaTara.


Didge Yoga Camp 2015



Didge Yoga Camp 2014