Didge Yoga Camp 2015


Wow what an awesome camp!!

Thanks to Agunk Dolphin and Jeroh for hosting us and to Djalu Gurruwiwi Yolngu Dhuwa custodian of the didgeridoo in ArnhemLand Australia for giving his blessing.

Thanks to the 40 or so people who attended and in particular our star students Sarah Kirkeby Giuseppe Bueti, Peter Mcintosh, Mikael King, Kim Kindersley, Shamana Tara, Su Maryani, John Dumas, Juan Salvador, Ogan Wijaya and James Jai Harvey

Thanks to the Agni Hotra mangkus Ketut and Krishna for awesome fire ceremony. To Made Baba Ariani for flower mandalas and support.
In gratitude for life and the didgeridoo Shamana Tara ,Dr Didge Dolphin and Raj O’Brien

Join us next year for more…


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