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Mastering The Grooves

Once you can circular breathe try this! Inspired by wanting to teach my son digeridoo I came up with this album. 12 tracks of didgeridoo and clapsticks: 12 different didges (low B to high A#), timings 4,5,6,7,10,12,14,16,24,32,48 and 64 and tempos from 120bpm to 220bpm. This is the didge album that will take you to another level.

Didge Kirtan – Live in Bali.

Dr Didge, Tarshito, Punnu Wasu and matt Ledgar come together for an alive celebration of digeridoo, guitar, vocals, harmonium, mandolin, talking drum, djembe, doun doun and shankara at the Yoga Barn – Ubud Bali 23 Aug 2010. A unique fusion of digeridoo, Indian Kirtan and world music resulting in contemporary ragas for the heart and soul. Join us in this music meditation offering to the sound gods and goddesses.

Didge Yoga.