Didge Yoga Camp 2015

Wow what an awesome camp!! Thanks to Agunk Dolphin and Jeroh for hosting us and to Djalu Gurruwiwi Yolngu Dhuwa custodian of the didgeridoo in ArnhemLand Australia for giving his blessing. Thanks to the 40 or so people who attended and in particular our star students Sarah Kirkeby Giuseppe Bueti, Peter Mcintosh, Mikael King, Kim […]


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Didge Blessing for New Zealand and Didge Yoga Camp

We held a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony recently to bless 42 Didgeridoos being sent to New Zealand and preparing the land here in Bali for this years Didge Yoga Camp. Our aim is to bless each Didgeridoo on it’s journey to support it in sending love and healing out into the world. We hope you enjoy the Video. […]

The Animal Calling Cup

The Animal Calling Cup 2014 is the brainchild of Dr Didge Dolphin aka Arpana where humans get to tell a story, make their sound and be another species for a moment. It’s an annual Byron Bay celebration of animals and nature. By listening and imitating animals we learn to respect nature and each other . A […]


Woodford WD day 2

Whaledreamers web site launched

Bunna Lawrie and the Whaledreamers greet the new year with an alive celebration of their best songs of the festival. Uplifting, funky, moving and full of flavour this is great music to get you moving and groovin. Long live whales and dolphins. Now we have a new website to celebrate and spread the word for […]

Woodford Folk Festival 2014 1

Respect and honour to the Jinibara people and Uncle Noel for welcoming us to country.Thanks to the ancestors.   Huge thanks to Woodford Folk Festival for an incredible event of culture, song, dance, ceremony and fun.       Bunna Lawrie and the Whaledreamers played 6 gigs including the NYE event at Amphitheatre where we had […]

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